Bio Toi Background

This toilet was designed in conjunction with the Norwegian army and to NATO standards.

Designed to be strong and highly portable, it's perfect for camping and festivals.

About the BioToi

It is made from dark green plastic so it is light, yet it is strong. When assembled, the seat is 43cm (or 17 inches) from the floor. You use a biodegradable bag to catch the waste, which you can then dispose of in an appropriate manner.

If at a festival or rally, you can put the bag in the portable toilets for example.

By using a fresh bag every time, the toilet will remain clean, hygienic and a pleasure to use. Unlike many of the toilets found at festivals and rallies.

As a composting toilet, the Bio Toi avoids the use of any water or chemicals. This means that you're left with solids that will break down - producing good quality compost.

Each toilet is sold with a roll of fully biodegradable bags, which are also completely compostable. We also sell replacement bags.

The Biotoi is ideal for use in a range of scenarios, including camping trips, music festivals, treks, adventure holidays and in disaster relief situations.

It's a lightweight toilet that is fully portable. It's folding mechanism ensures that it is extremely compact, while still providing you the stable support that's absolutely necessary.

In the media

The Bio Toi has received a lot of media coverage, as might be expected when discussing such an innovative product. Here in the UK, it was featured on The Gadget Show - shown on Channel Five.

It was named as one of the top five festival gadgets. It was described as being "brilliant".