Camping Toilets Guide

Are you looking to buy a new portable toilet? These products can be very useful if you regularly take camping trips or plan to attend music festivals. But which models should you opt for?

What features are most important to you?

Budget camping toilet
Environmentally friendly
Low maintenance
Cheap chemical toilets
Light and portable
Just like home
Can use in caravans

Have further questions? Our Camping Toilets FAQ may be of help.

Budget models

So you're just looking for something that will do the job? We reckon that your best option is the Biotoi portable camping toilet - it's a folding toilet that is one of the cheapest models that we stock. It's perfect for camping too because it's lightweight and compact. It's also environmentally friendly.

Prefer something that's cheap but that also looks more like something that you might find at home? Not a problem! Take a look at the Potty High or the Fiamma Bi Pot 30, two of the cheapest chemical toilets around.

Disposable options

Not intending on using the toilet more than once? You won't want to spend a great deal of money then. You might be best opting for a Travel John.

If you want something that looks more like a "normal" toilet, but allows you to easily dispose of waste, then the Biotoi portable toilet is a good option.

Environmentally friendly

Don't like the thought of using chemicals because of concerns about damaging the environment. You might want to look at greener options. The best on the market right now is the Biotoi portable toilet - it uses a system of biodegradable bags.

Low maintenance

Want a toilet that doesn't need emptying too often and is easier to clean? The Porta Potti 165 is a chemical toilet that has a large waste tank, meaning that it's a great low maintenance option.

Cheap chemical toilets

Many people think of chemical toilets when they're looking to buy portable options. We sell a wide range, but if you're on a tight budget then we'd suggest that you opt for the Potty High or the Fiamma Bi Pot 30, which are both quality, basic chemical toilets.

Light and portable

Want something that's highly portable? Here are your best options:

A basic toilet: The Biotoi camping toilet
Light chemical toilet: Porta Potti 335
For festivals: Ploo portable toilet

Just like home

Want something that is more like your toilet at home? In this case, your best option will be to go for a chemical toilet. A good choice is the Porta Potti 165.

Alternatively, if you're happy to pay a bit more, the Porta Potti 365 has a large waste tank - that means that you won't need to empty it as frequently.

Both toilets have a flushing mechanism.

Can use in caravans

Although most of our portable toilets are suitable for use in caravans, the majority of caravan owners understandably want a toilet that looks and feels "permanent". A good choice is the Porta Potti 165.

There are plenty of other alternatives too. The Porta Potti range from Thetford are all suitable for use in caravans, as are the Fiamma Bi Pots (which are good budget options).

Electric toilets

Some people see electric toilets as being "top of the range". The Porta Potti 465E is one such toilet - it's produced by Thetford, a well-respected manufacturer. It should give you around 500 flushes.

Size of the tank

Many toilets include 2 tanks - one for clean water and one for waste. As a general guide, toilets with large tanks will:
  • Mean that you don't have to fill up the toilet as regularly
  • Make sure that you also have to empty it less frequently
We try to quote tank sizes where possible (in litres).

The Porta Potti 165 is a popular model, offering a waste tank size of 21 litres. The Porta Potti 365 also has a large waste tank. If you're looking for a cheaper option then the Kampa Portaflush 20 has a 20 litre waste tank.

Use of chemicals

You will need to use chemicals when using most modern camping toilets if you want to keep them clean and hygienic. Don't like the thought of that? We're aware that more people are looking for greener solutions.

The Biotoi currently offers one such solution and we're hoping to make more products available in the near future, so watch this space!


Most toilets are suitable for us in caravans. We find that caravan-owners tend to prefer toilets offering flushing options, as these are more likely to replicate home toilet facilities. You can read more about caravan toilets in our guide.

Music festivals

If you've been to a music festival recently then you'll know that facilities are often not quite as good (or as clean) as they could be! We recommend taking a small, budget toilet on such trips. It's possible to keep the costs low.

About BioToi

The Bio Toi portable camping and outdoor toilet has been receiving quite a bit of attention lately. You can find out more about the Bio Toi in our online guide.

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