Amazonas Hammock - Double - Barbados - Lemon


This double hammock is perfect for use in the garden or on outdoor trips and beach holidays.

Barbados is the hammock for a relaxed games of doubles: Super-wide, snugly comfortable, very robust and virtually indestructible, it is the ideal place for couples.

Of course, it is also possible to lie alone in Barbados and dream of how nice it would be to share the hammock happiness ... Whether hung on the balcony, in the garden or indoors, whether for first-timers, up-graders or real hammock experts, Barbados is always exactly the fitting, colourful decoration for every place, similarly as a present that gives everyone pleasure.

Every hammock is packed in an attractive, practical carrier sack made from the same material as the hammock. You see and feel at once what is inside.

The number of fans of the genuine Brazilian hammocks is growing steadily all over the world. Be part of the group who want quality with style at a reasonable cost.

Over a dozen work stages are involved in making each high-quality AMAZONAS Hammock in the traditional way from picked cotton.

Making hammocks by hand has a long tradition in Brazil, particularly in the North East of the country, where it is still practised and carefully nurtured to this day. The majority of the work stages are so complicated that they require an adult with several years training an experience. Amazonas nevertheless make on-the-spot inspections to ensure that child labour is not used.

Brazilian reclining technique Recline diagonally like the Brazilians to pamper your back

Hanging Tips

Suspending - Hammocks without spreader bars are hung so that they sag way down. The hanging loops of the hammocks are fastened at approximately head height and about 3 m apart.

Fastening Hammocks are fastened using ropes (tree / beam) or hooks (wall or ceiling for hanging chairs). If trees or walls are further apart, the hammocks can be extended by ropes or chains. The suspension point then needs to be selected somewhat higher.

Technical Data:
* Lying Surface: approx. 230 x 150 cm
* Total length: approx. 340 cm
* Weight: approx. 1.8 kg
* Load Capacity: approx. 160 kg