Phantom Kite


The Phantom duel-line kite is great for learning the art of Sport kite flying.

Loops - get some altitude and enter a turn and hold it for a complete loop. Exit when you have performed the number of loops you require. Your lines will twist, but don't panic. These kites are designed to take a lot of twists and it is all part of the fun. Reverse your loops to untwist with style.

Figure of 8 loops - similar to the normal loop but a litter more involved. Steer through a figure of eight pattern and feel the control.

Pyramids - Try some 360deg turns with this breathtaking manoeuvre. Slightly more tricky than figure of eight but you can make a triangle in the sky. Keep practicing.

Squares - Crisp 360deg turns with straight lines to make this wonderful geometric pattern. Master this one and you are well on your way.


  • Size = 177 x 66
  • Material = Spinnaker Nylon
  • Frame = Fibreglass
  • Twine = Dual Line
  • Age = 10 years and up
  • Wind Range (mph) = 6-20