Kampa Portaflush 10 Toilet


The Kampa Portaflush 10 is a compact flush toilet ideal for camping, caravanning, boats and outdoor events.

The Kampa Portaflush 10 allows for up to 50 flushes before it needs emptying, thanks to its 12 litre fresh water capacity.

It also has an extremely solid construction, with thick walls that are built to last. This is a portable toilet that's made to impress.

The toilet is designed with an attractive matt finish - perfect for hiding marks and scratches.

The double sealed valve helps to protect against nasty leaks and odours.

This easy to use and empty Kampa Portaflush 10 is perfect when going away exploring the great outdoors and want that extra home comfort of a nice toilet.

Kampa Portaflush 10 Features

* Adult Size Seat and Lid
* Hygienic and Easy to Clean
* Double sealed valve protects against leakage and odors
* Easy to empty
* Complete with instructions
* Both tanks are one piece construction - no seams


Depth: 410mm
Width: 355mm
Height: 310mm

Instructions for use

The Kampa Portaflush 10 is provided with full instructions for use.