Fiamma Bi-Pot 34


The Fiamma Bi Pot 34 is a simple system that is both strong and easy to clean.

RRP 67.95
You pay 56.16 (save 19%)

Easy to use, easy to clean, strong and durable

The Fiamma Bi Pot 34 offers a flexible option. This is a portable toilet that's easy to use, maintain and clean.

This makes it a great choice for those who want something that's easy to transport. It's a great alternative to campsite toilet facilities.

With its strong frame, this is a toilet that's designed to provide you with a lasting option that's clean and hygienic.

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Fiamma Bi Pot Fiamma Bi Pot
Fiamma Bi Pot Fiamma Bi Pot



* Piston pump guarantees tri-directional rinsing jets
* Wide, comfortable seat for adults
* Scratch-resistant tanks, watertight and single-moulded
* Sliding watertight valve with anti-odour seal
* Large, easily-accessible charge and discharge openings
* Larger tanks than the Fiamma Bi Pot 30

Fiamma Bi Pot 34 Specifications & Manual