Bog In A Bag


Bog In A Bag (BogInABag) is all about making sure that you're never without a toilet.

Portable, lightweight and compact. The Bog In A Bag is particularly well suited to camping trips and music festivals.

It works using a simple system. It has a folding frame that is lightweight and stable. Waste is captured using disposable bags.

Each of the bags contain crystals that are designed to absorb any liquid. This means that, once you're finished, you can dispose of the bag in any standard bin.

The bags have been designed to completely cover the seat of the folding toilet. This ensures that there is no mess. Bog In A Bag can also be used as a normal folding seat for camping trips.

Our Bog In A Bag pack includes 5 degradable absorbent bags. The Bog In A Bag is supplied in a handy carry pack.