Dometic 966 Portable Toilet


The Dometic 966 is a solid, easy to clean and highly portable toilet.

RRP 56.50
You pay 51.01 (save 11%)

With the Dometic 966, you'll be able to avoid the toilet facilities found at campsites, caravan sites and music festivals.

Instead, you'll have your own portable, hygienic option available to you.

Dometic 966 images

Dometic 966

Dometic 966 features

* Strong and durable
* Portable
* Large waste tank - needs emptying less often
* Low maintenance
* No leaks or nasty odours
* Flushing mechanism

Dometic 966 Specifications

Got your chemicals?

Don't forget to pick up your chemicals too.

Our dual toilet chemicals pack includes two bottles of chemicals: one for the clean water tank and one for the waste tank.

It will ensure that your portable toilet remains clean, efficient and easy to maintain.