Festival Tent Starter Pack


The Festival Tent starter pack is perfect for summer festivals and events.

RRP 54.97
You pay 44.99 (save 18%)

Want a basic starter pack that will allow you to enjoy this year's festivals without having to worry?

Our Festival Tent starter pack is all about providing the basics.

If you're looking for lightweight, budget options that are up to the job, then this is just right for you!

Our pack offers great value for money and includes:

* A pop-up festival tent (sleeps 2 adults)
* A carry bag for the tent
* Two single sleeping bags
* Storage bags for the sleeping bags

A closer look

So let's take a look at the individual elements of the pack!

The pop-up festival tent

Sleeping 2 adults, the pop-up festival tent is highly portable and can be erected in seconds.

Sit back and watch other people struggling to put up their tents.

The tent carry bag

What's the point in having an easy to use tent if it's heavy? We don't see the point.

That's why our festival tent is light and compact. Stick it in the carry bag and it measures just 50 cm across, weighing just over 2 kilos. Job done!

The sleeping bags

Looking for sleeping bags that you can use for an expedition to Everest? Look elsewhere!

Our sleeping bags are budget models. They're designed for summer use. Cheap and ideal for music festivals. Why waste money on an expensive sleeping bag?

Storage bags

You don't want to carry an unfolded sleeping bag into the festival. That's why we provide a storage bag. It helps to keep things simple.

Our price

You could buy all of these items separately, but we've bundled them together to keep the price low.

If you'd prefer to buy them separately (for some reason!) then you can do so!

You'll find them here (together will full specifications):

The Pop-Up Festival Tent
Single Sleeping Bags